On your PRO app, click on "Your Partners" in the admin console, find your partner and click on "Connect". 

If your partner does not appear on the list you can send them an invite to be your partner via email or text message "Invite a Partner" or click on"Send a Gift".

Your Realtor partner will be offered to accept your invitation and obtain their own PRO app. When you connect with a partner, their clients will have access to your mortgage information and this allows your partner to send you referrals directly from their own app. It's that easy.

The ability to co-brand with your Realtor partner is probably one of the most powerful features of your PRO app. It allows you and your partner to strengthen your relationship while each maintaining your individual brands.

Please note: Some of our clients have decided to sponsor their referrals partners, if you are interested in this program, please contact us for more details.
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