The new minimum down payment rule in Canada sparked an interesting new feature. It's not 5% anymore but rather ranges between 5% to 7.5% depending on the home price. We wouldn't want you to be guessing this number, so please let CMA automatically calculate the exact amount for you. Just turn on the switch and let it happen.

Also in this update:

• BC's newly built home PPT exemption.
• New Land Transfer Fee screen design to make it easier to understand the break downs for each region
• Complete new side menu with a little surprise for the professionals (realtors and brokers)
• We finally started with multiple loan scenarios but intelligent compare is next in line
• We tightened security and upgraded our servers, so the app is now smoother than ever
• We'd say bug fixes and performance enhancements too but we'll spare you from these generic app update texts.
• iPad Pro support and a few other usability improvements like the new Tools screen.

Enjoy and send us feedback to