For Home Buyers

+ New Brunswick Land transfer tax update
+ British Columbia Land transfer tax for over $2M
+ Save and Load multiple scenarios
+ Access your scenarios from any device
+ Export your scenarios into a fancy PDF and print it
+ Export includes amortization and closing costs. Finally
+ Find the best rates in your province, click on Apply
+ Find special rates when you are looking to buy asap
+ Rates for people with less than 20% down
+ Small bug fix in the amortization table

For Experts (CMA PRO)

+ You can personalize your app even faster
+ Invite clients directly from your dashboard
+ Better rates management
+ Conventional / Insured and quick close options
+ New custom icons :)
+ You can brand the export feature with a logo
+ To get a branded CMA, check out

What's next?

OH BOY, you are going to love the next couple updates. Our team just got stronger and following an agile methodology, that means more frequent updates with TONS of features in our sprints.

Stay tuned ... the best is yet to be.

Btw, we thought it'd be fun to give you $1, when you report a bug. 
Please have mercy,

+ Only unique bugs.
+ Typos, Grammar and Translations, are not bugs. We just can't spell
+ NO developers please, we know you know stuff