In Québec, the property transfer tax is called taxe de Bienvenue.

The fee in Québec is broken up in brackets.

For instance, the first bracket is 0.5% of total property value from $0 up to $51,700; 1% from $51,700 to $258,600; and 1.5% on the balance over $258,600. Furthermore, some municipalities have introduced one or more new brackets on top of these common brackets and some cities have defined new brackets.

One example is Montréal, where the land transfer fee is 0.5% from $0 up to $51,700. 1.0% on the amount over $51,700 up to $258,600, 1.5% on the amount from $258,600 to $508,700, 2.0% from $508,700 to $1,017,400 million and 2.5% on the value exceeding $1,017,400 million.

Fortunately, we have captured all cities who have each their own unique way to calculate their taxe de Bienvenue and put it all in the palm of your hand.
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