Version 10.5.6 includes lots of fixes and improvements.

This update:
  • Supports iOS 13
  • Supports new swipe down gesture where applicable
  • Fixes all search bars in the app on iOS 13
  • Fixes a rare bug that causes crashes on some devices when dismissing screens

  • Adds better connectivity tests when internet is absolutely required
  • Adds new offline mode so you don't get logged out in the subway or in an elevator
  • Fixes a bug when uploading profile pictures from your iCloud
  • Adds a new capability to keep your account secure by asking for a password update
  • Fixes the distance calculations to your nearest expert

  • Protect the pre-qualification wizard if you accidentally hit the cancel button
  • Fixes an issue that caused the "Next" button in the Pre-q wizard to disappear
  • Fixes the Pre-Qualification display card not being refreshed after a renewal

General UI Fixes
  • Fixes a bug in onboarding when you added your own custom options
  • Fixes a bug when the back button suddenly stop working when searching for an expert on the map
  • Fixes a spacing bug in the "property tax" row when the advanced mode is turned on
  • Fixes the crash on iPad when sharing a rate from the rate detail screen
  • Updates to the branded app splash screen
  • Fixes in the colour selection screen
  • Fixes analytics framework bugs

As always, you can send us feedback via our in-app support chat under the "Extra" tab.

The CMA Team