Here are 3 new updates for you
  • BOC Rate (stress test) lowered
  • Save unlimited scenarios
  • Land transfer tax too updates

Stress Test Rate is now 5.19%

If you have previously completed our pre-qualification too,, you can now "Edit"or "Start Over" to see that you are qualified for slightly more than the original pre-qualification amount. Typically $10,000 - $20,000 more.
  1. Open the pre-qualification card
  2. Tap on "Your Details"
  3. Tap on "Edit" (and say YES to update)

New: Unlimited Scenarios

You can save an unlimited number of scenarios in the purchase calculator. You can also compare, duplicate and change their display order.

Land transfer tax tool update

We made a tiny improvement to the Land Transfer Tools. For example, the first time home buyer switch is smarter now and will show you if there is any conflicting settings such the Foreign buyer tax.

We hope these new features will help to
  • make the home purchasing process easier
  • save you some time and hopefully money
  • give you the info you need to make better decisions

As always. Please reach out if we can help with anything.

- The CMA Team