Get Pre-Qualified right on your phone

Answer a few simple questions and our world-class algorithm crunches the numbers and calculates your maximum home price.

You'll also receive a detailed report with all the bells and whistles.

Is it accurate?

Super accurate. We've consulted with some of the top mortgage experts in Canada and interviewed top lenders to understand the inner works of their underwriting techniques. Based on our findings we've developed a world-class algorithm with advanced techniques to account for complex mortgage rules, rental scenarios, complete B20 guidelines (stress test) and location-specific data to estimate heat, condo fees and property taxes.

You'll be impressed once you see what we believe is the most accurate pre-qualification in the world.

Other features in this version

  • Updates to Montreal's "Taxe de Bienvenue"
  • New app on-boarding design to set up your app for success
  • New login process using your email. We said bye bye to social login
  • Ability to text message reports from any of the tools menus
  • You can click on any of the mortgage rates and view more details
  • You can inquire for any of the rates displayed on the app
  • Submit requests to speak to a professional and we'll connect you in minutes
  • Fixed a bug in the slider issue in the Payment screen

Happy Mortgage Crunching!!

From the CMA Team

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