What's new in Version 10.1
  • Added the ability for you to share any mortgage rate on the app with friends and family. Simply use the export button in the top right corner in the rate's detail screen.
  • Updated the pre-qualification report to show you the mortgage insurance premiums, if it's an insured mortgage.
  • Added the ability for you to request to speak to an expert after hours and select a preferred callback time for the next day.
  • Updated the behaviour of the slider when you reach its maximum. Now the keyboard will open up automatically so you can enter in the value faster.
  • Updated all tools header colours to be consistent across the entire app.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the slider in the payment screen to lose focus after picking a rate.
  • Fixed a bug in the admin console that preventing all rows to be viewed properly.
    Upgraded all internal libraries to the latest. Now the app runs smoother than ever.

As always, you can send us feedback via our in-app support chat under the "Extra" tab.

The CMA Team