This feature is one of it's kind
(never done before in any app).

If you are renting out part of your home (basement or the entire house), you can now enter in the rent you will be charging and see the impact it makes on the maximum mortgage you can borrow.

This feature was not easy to build because of the many rules and conditions but we finally did it.

How it works

  1. Visit the Stress Test tool
  2. Add Rental Income
  3. Watch your maximum loan increase :)
  4. Optionally adjust the rules using the menu

New "Rental Income" Menu

To accommodate for all the Rental Income rules, we've added a few new options to the existing menu.

Other updates worth mentioning:
  • The "Best Rate" on the home page now shows savings
  • Updated Montreal taxe de bienvenue
  • Fixed a few bugs and updated the UI on some screens

Hope you enjoy this version as much as we did building it.

For any questions, chat with us by visiting the "Extra" tab

- The CMA Team