New "Best Rate" Card

CMA can now search through thousands of promotional rates to show you the best rate anywhere in Canada.

We've also hand-picked some of the most successful mortgage professionals to help you get qualified and take the rate home.

Other improvements in this version

  • CMA works now with secure office WIFIs
  • Municipal taxes updated in the summary report
  • Find Experts even with location turned off
  • Payment frequency updated in the compare report
  • Better accessibility on small devices with zoom enabled
  • Property tax slider updated in the Stress Test Tool
  • Minor UI Fixes in the Rates Filter Menu

For PRO subscribers

  • Your Profile picture shows better on social media shares
  • The summary report displays your office number
  • The "Refer me" button can show your office #
  • Your install web page fixed for certain networking apps

Hope you enjoy this version as much as we did building it. For any questions, chat with us by visiting the "Extra" tab

- The CMA Team