It's already 2018 and the age of mobile apps.

It's really hard for Millennials to imagine a mortgage professional without a mortgage app to use for budgeting or checking out scenarios. Instead, they are forced to Google it or find random and in-accurate web calculators. Even worse, they jump to multiple websites to find out land transfer taxes, CMHC premiums and often end up on a rate website who is promising them unattainable rates.

We believe that they should be using your personal app instead and continue to see the value of using a broker who is now equipped with the latest in technology.

But, chances are that you are not developer but instead of spending thousands of dollars or re-inventing the wheel, we are making it possible to offer your clients a superior mobile experience on the #1 ranked mortgage app in Canada. 

The PRO app can be setup in less than 5 minutes and you are ready to share it with a client. Here is a little sample on how your profile picture will show on the home screen.


In a way, it is also your digital business card with all the features you would expect. You can update the information in real time and your clients will always have access to you.

The awesome part is that when a client shares your app, your brand carries over and you will receive new referrals and build your mobile database without spending more marketing dollars.

Another key feature of the PRO app is the ability to co-brand with referral partners. Why is this important?

Today, when a Realtor wants to send their clients your way for a pre-approval, they may share your business card (if they find it), or give their clients your phone number, or tell them to email you, etc.., 

It's all too slow in this digital age. What if your Realtor partner has their own branded app and their clients could apply directly from their app. 

Not only your Realtor can help their clients with a powerful tool but also connect them directly with a trusted mortgage contact. (directly from their app) also they can now get more referrals with their PRO app. When your Realtor partner is advertising their app to their clients, you become part of that marketing. 

It's an amazing idea to sponsor your top referral partners in getting their own app. This way you are contributing to their marketing budget for a win win scenario. If you don't think sponsorship is in your budget, you can also invite to co-brand and leave the subscription up to them. Either way, you can both help your clients as well as support the development of your app.

New features are continuously added to keep your clients engaged and satisfied with your app. 
Full Benefits for Mortgage Professionals is available  here (PDF)  

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