The rates displayed on the app are provided by several sources; lenders, networks, mortgage professionals and brokerages who are looking to help Canadians to find the best mortgage products.

The rates are all up to date and competitive, however, they are subject to change at any time. 

As you know, not all rates apply to everyone, there is quite a lot of conditions that can impact the rate that you can get approved for. For instance, how much down payment you are planning to put, whether it's 20% or less. Whether you are buying a house or a condo for investment purposes or looking for a longer amortization period to lower your monthly payments. It gets pretty complicated, especially when lenders change their rates and conditions almost every day.

It's best to request for a quote and let the experts get to work to find you the best deal that applies to you. They may be able to hold a rate for you for 30-90 days if you are looking to purchase immediately. 

This service is free of charge. Mortgage professionals work for you and get paid by the lenders when they get your application approved. It's a win win.