NEW menu in Saved Scenario list and faster Mortgage Comparison ...

You can use a shiny new button next to your saved scenarios to:

(1) create a report,
(2) compare it with another scenario.
(3) rename the scenario or
(4) load it into the home screen for editing

You can also view your "extra payment" information right in the saved scenario list. Did we mention you can also create a report for each saved scenario?

We renamed "email calculations" and "export" to simply "Create Report". Oh, in case you didn't know, you can create a report directly from the saved scenarios using that shiny button.

A few other small UI fixes but that's all for this update.

CMA Team
Crunch those complicated rules with easy to use tools.

PS: If you ever get one of those gut feelings that says: "Hmm...They should have done it this way" then please let us know right away, because there is a 90% chance that you are right.