The "Extra Payment" feature has been improved and moved to a new MENU in the Loan Screen

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  • Extra payment can not be used in the compare tool (yet)
  • Does not support percentage or special settings (like double up) at least not yet
  • Can not add annual pre-payment to a specific year or range
  • Does not limit the annual pre-payment (ie 20%/20)

Required Profile

If you have not created a profile before. The new features in extra payment requires a profile. The previous extra payment option only allowed 1 annual pre-payment option, the new one has 48 different variations. So the app can not load and save them without a profile. Thanks for understanding and no worries, no one has access to your personal info or Facebook when you create a profile. The app only needs an email to uniquely identify your profile.

Thank you

We are super excited with this new feature and plan to overcome each limitation one by one. If you have any other suggestions or would like to see a feature, please contact us from the side menu (support chat)