NEW IN 8.1

  • New Rates Filter that matches your down payment
  • 6% PST on CMHC for Saskatchewan
  • Closing cost estimator now shows a percentage
  • One touch log in with Linkedin. Woohoo!

The new Rates Filter

You can now filter the rates to match a down payment. Choose from: All down payments, More or Less than 20%, or set it to auto detect. When in "auto detect" mode, the app will always filter rates that match the down payment set in the home screen.

Changes in Closing cost tool

The closing cost tool now shows you the % of the purchase price you are spending on your closing costs. Traditionally, you have been told it's somewhere between 2%-2.5%. Now you can actually check out the real value. In addition, Saskatchewan buyers now will need to pay the PST (6%) on Mortgage insurance if it applies to their loan.


If you have not yet signed in to unlock the full power of the Canadian morgage app, you can do so using your Linked in account. one slick log in, creates your profile and unleashes all the premium features we have designed for you.

Happy Budgeting,
The CMA Team