For your convenience we have recorded a number of video tutorials that demonstrate various tasks you can do with your PRO app. Each video is about 1 minute long and includes a voice over. Please make sure your sound is on.

How to watch video tutorials
  1. Open the side menu
  2. Click on Tutorials & FAQ
  3. Find CMA PRO Videos
  4. Enjoy
Video Album for PRO Video

Here are a few to get you started
  1. PRO - Sharing your app on LinkedIn
  2. PRO - Sharing your app via SMS
  3. PRO - Generating a branded report
  4. PRO - See who installs your app
  5. PRO - Changing your apps colours
  6. PRO - Turning on Advertisement on CMA - TBD
  7. PRO - Adding install link to your email signature
  8. PRO - Adding badges to your email signature
  9. PRO - Adding Custom Rates (Broker)
  10. PRO - Adding Facebook to your profile
  11. PRO - How to use a promo code to go PRO
    PRO - Custom app install page
    PRO - Viewing Analytics on your app - TBD