Have you ever been in a situation where your clients are asking you questions about Land Transfer Taxes or what the minimum down payment rules are? How about the new affordability rules? 
Millennials expect professionals to be equipped with all the tools and gadgets to make their lives easier and run on the same device they use 150 times a day (it's true, we check our phones on average 150/day, that's every 9 minutes) 
Imagine in your next open house, you can offer your visitors a branded tool that not only educate but keeps your brand on their mind while budgeting for a house.
If this sounds awesome, then we got the perfect tool that can help.
Your PRO app is also a digital business card that you can update at any time. Your clients will have access to the most recent contact information.
The awesome part is that you can also connect your PRO app with your existing and trusted mortgage contact so that your prospects can also get pre-approved with them. No more sending off a prospect to get pre-approved, you can just ask them to do it right from your app.
It takes about 5 minutes to brand your app and you are ready to share it with new and existing clients who may be on the market for a upgrade or downgrade. 
Full Benefits for Real estate professionals is available here.
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