Toronto's Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT) has increased effective March 1, 2017 and now matches with our Ontario Land transfer tax. 

Fortunately, the first time home buyer rebate has also increased up to a maximum of $4.475. Hurray?


More good news, if you live in British Columbia and are a first-time home buyers, you'd be pleased to hear that you are now eligible to receive a full land transfer tax refund on homes purchased for $500,000 or less. On homes purchased between $500,000 - $525,000, you will be eligible for a partial refund.


Not sure what rate you qualify for? Not a problem. We added an "Apply" button in the Home Screen. 

It allows us to connect you with a licensed expert in your area. The licensed professional sometimes has access to 40+ lenders (including your own bank) and can find you the best rate that actually applies to your situation.

It's fast, easy and you'll receive advice from a real professional at absolutely  NO cost to you. Awesome huh?


  • We fixed the bug that didn't let you save changes to your office address

  • Mortgage Professionals, you now get your "Apply" button right on the home screen. This allows your clients to apply with you and / or apply from one of your partner's apps.

  • Added Group Code feature for Realtors PRO subscriptions. If you are a lucky Realtor who is sponsored by a mortgage partner or has received a group code from your brokerage, you can now redeem it.

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