Land Transfer Changes:

Ontario Land Transfer Tax has changed for homes over $2M and the maximum Ontario First time home buyer rebate is doubling to $4,000. The changes are in effect as of January 1st, 2017. We have also cleaned up under the hood. Alberta and other provinces like Quebec can now enjoy the correct labels such as Title Registration, Registration Fee,  Taxe de bienvenue as opposed to just the generic Land transfer Fee. This change is through out the entire app. We also gave our provinces some more love with custom flags for everybody.

Scenarios Enhancements:

The scenario save button is now beautifully added to the home screen. Also, we felt your pain and re-designed the saving scenario feature so it's more intuitive to use.

Summary Report Enhancements:

The new "email calculations" allows you to pick and choose which summaries you want to include and optionally a beautiful PDF (we really think it's beautiful). The Compare feature is also now equipped with Email & PDF export in addition to the previous SMS option. Finally, you can put the two scenarios side by side on a large screen and / or print it.

Sign up and User account enhancements:

You can now create your account and sign in with Facebook and Google. Makes it super easy to log in and and start using the app's full potential.

Other Bug fixes:

French keyboard entry for Rates and Deposit percentage is fixed. It was a comma vs period bug. The iPad bug is also fixed during profile creation.


Wow, there is just so much to list. Thanks to a group of awesome professionals, we have been able to build some really needed functionality. For starters, your admin dashboard is now right in your app. You can update your profile, configure your rates, manage partners, and also check out user engagement. Better and Faster. Push notifications allows you to get real time status updates. Analytics is coming soon in the near future. This is our first of version of your admin dashboard but we have tons of features planned. Your feedback is highly appreciated and if you need a feature done, let us know.

We love to hear what you think. Please send us feedback so we can improve your experience. No need to email us anymore. Just click on support and chat with us 1-on-1. =)